Thursday, March 26, 2009

Steven James Hammered Wire Earrings

I’ve been meaning to make these Hammered Wire Earrings by Steven James for a few years now, and I finally set aside time to do it. Mind you, this is an easy project and it took me much longer to deliberate over my bead choice than it did to actually make the project. Steven’s earrings are a stunning mix of silver and crystals. I thought I’d like something more organic for my version, but the holes in my smallest turquoise beads were too small for the gauge of wire I wanted to use for the project. I pawed through my Hill Tribes Silver collection, thinking it would offer an ideal solution. Alas, my stash of little beads is depleted, and the larger ones are too big to look right in this design. I went back through my crystals, but I couldn't’t settle on a color. Finally, I opted for 3mm and 4mm silver spacer beads. I had a lot, they would provide the texture needed for the design, and by keeping the metals the same I’d get a subtler look than adding a color would have given me.

The project is free to members at the BeadStyle website (and membership is free, too). For more great fun, check out Steven’s website, Macaroni & Glitter.

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  1. Those are awesome! Man, the arts really run in your family...the girl side at least;-)