Thursday, May 7, 2009

Are you an idle American?

By that, I mean have you been on your couch for 90 minutes a week for the last umpteen weeks watching the contestants drift away one by one? I must admit I've been swept into the frenzy this year. I think Allison would have made the perfect American Idol, even if she wasn't the strongest contestant. She had energy, spunk (no matter what Simon said) and she could really sing. Of the remaining three, I'm not sure any of them fit what I imagine the American Idol persona should be. I think they are excellent performers, but are they right for the bubble-gum set? Not sure.

Personally, I've had a soft spot all along for our home-town boy, Danny Gokey.

If he wins, I think he'll take the opportunity his fame presents to him and do some real good with it. I admire Adam for everything he's done, and think his professional career should be completely different than Idol. I mean, he's already acting like he's head and shoulders above it, and I think he is. I'm sure he'd hate to be tied to the contractual obligations that come with the job. My real favorite is Chris, although I'm not sure he'd be the best Idol, either. I just want to watch him sing.

Because I'm a Mom Who Can't Say No, I'll be forging through the crowds tomorrow with my 14-year-old, trying to get a glimpse of Danny and at least hear some of his performance. I'll have to let you know how that goes.


  1. I'm an Adam fan, but Danny is a close second! But you've got to love a guy from Milwaukee!

  2. I think I'm really a Chris fan, but I'm not sure if he's idol material.