Thursday, September 3, 2009

Delish Dessert

I really like to cook, but I barely make time to "fix" anymore, especially not desserts. I'm a grab and go weekday cook -- closer to short-order than chef. I make almost everything from scratch, but it's usually no more than five ingredients tossed together and either stir-fried or sauteed, grilled or baked, and must fit into the rotating categories of Mexican, Asian, Wisconsin-American, or Vegetarian.

That said, I love having a reason to find a new recipe and try it out. We're part of an occasional dinner group aptly named Blue Moon. This was my dessert, from our latest get together.

I compiled it from a few of the choices in Pam Anderson's fabulous The Perfect Recipe for Having People Over. And although I could have made the sorbet, I didn't. I went to our local gelateria and selected Lemon Basil, Orange, and Peach. Yum!

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