Sunday, March 14, 2010

Must-have tools

A measuring tape and a mirror can be your most valuable tools. Case in point ... this bracelet and earrings set. I was shopping at Michaels and I had to have these cool brass rings. I knew just what I would make -- a multistrand bracelet. When I got home I got to work on the bracelet and while I was at it I whipped up the earrings.

I loved my creations until I tried them on. The focal ring on the bracelet is out of proportion to my wrist, and I have a pretty big wrist. The earrings are attractive, but much too long. Time for a quick re-design.
The earrings have a similar look without the extra dangle:
and the bracelet became half of a necklace:

I like the end result much more than what I started with, and it fits better, too.

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