Monday, February 14, 2011

Artbeads Winter Enchantment Project

My backyard in January
For this season's blogger project, we were asked to design jewelry based on winter. Here in Wisconsin, winter is a long season. Our first cold snap comes in October and we're usually not seeing daffodils until late April. The season is long, but it isn't bleak. We have wonderful white snow, beautiful bare brown branches, and brilliant blue skies peeking through whenever we can. For this project, I wanted to explore working with some new-to-me materials. While I often use glass beads in my designs, I haven't worked with artisan-made lampworked beads before.  I was immediately drawn to these lampworked art beads when I started planning my winter-white necklace. Brass accents and just a hint of blue completed the palette, and I had this design together in no time.

Winter White necklace


Beaded links connected by large jump rings
This necklace and earrings set came together very nicely. My original intention was to string the necklace, but I wanted the lampworked beads to be visible from all sides. Making beaded links instead set the beads off. I rummaged through my supplies for brass jump rings, thinking 5 or 6 mm would be the perfect size. I only found these super-sized rings, though, so I decided to try it out. I like the look even better. It's more open and airy. 

Do you design by purpose, by "happy accident," or a little of each?

Disclaimer: The lampworked beads, brass beadcaps, and brass findings  used in this project were provided to me free of charge by Artbeads. My review is my opinion and I have not been paid for my endorsement.


  1. I love love love these. But I hate hate hate that I can't buy them. ;-)

  2. Kia, just for you, I will have a private sale. And, I've got something in the works for Gallery Night (May 6) so save the date.

  3. So pretty! I get compliments on the necklace you made me ... and I've had it for years.

  4. Very pretty! I'm glad to see someone else use blues in winter jewelry! I love this color palette.

  5. Lori,
    I always think bright white snow has a bluish tint, and around here we get brilliant blue skies in the winter (because it's SO cold)! Gotta have a little blue in my winter whites!

  6. I like how you spread out the lampworked beads with the large jump rings--really makes it easy to appreciate them.

  7. I usually don't layer with necklaces in the winter time. It beats me as to why I don't either. I'd definitely wear this, it's so classy and cute.