Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Clasp Act

Sorry for the pun. I just needed to get your attention. If any of you have been to the Bead & Button show, you know what I mean when I say it's overwhelming and wonderful at the same time. After about three hours walking the floor, searching for odds and ends for my next book, I found myself in quite a daze. But then, I came upon Jill McKay's booth. And, I fell into one of those great conversations that seem to happen at the oddest times during the B&B week. Jill has a terrific line of findings. Not only does she have custom lines for Michael's and Joanns, she had her sterling silver collection on display at the show. Here are two clasps that will make an appearance in my next book:
The multi-strand clasp has an added bonus -- a super strong, super tiny magnet -- so it's easy to clasp. The streamlined design lies nice and flat and is quite comfortable.
If you've read Mostly Metals, you already know my soapbox position on clasps. They're an integral part of your jewelry design. They add a finishing touch --and polish -- to your work. And, good clasps like these give you the security you need. You don't want to invest in beautiful gemstones, spend hours stringing the perfect pattern, and then have your necklace tumble its way across the dressing room floor because of an insecure or inexpensive clasp.
OK, that's enough. Check out Jill's work at her website, or at your local Michael's or Joanns.

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