Thursday, July 9, 2009

Book Report

Have I mentioned that I'm working on my third book (if you're my kids, insert eye roll here). Here's a peek at my workspace:

Nothing spectacular: magnifying glasses so I don't snip the wrong part of the wire, cell phone because I'm itching to hear from Meredith and I never know when she might call, coffee -- no explanation necessary, work in progress that regretfully needs to be done over...The most exciting part for me are the 17 bags in the tray on the left. They're completed projects, ready for my editor to look over and present at the cover meeting. Yup -- the manuscript isn't due for a month, the book won't be released until next May, but the cover planning and book design are well under way. I feel pretty great about the 17 finished projects until I remind myself that there are at least 12 more to do, and then the little extras I like to have, and then the bonus chapter that's still floating around in my head as a little more than a concept and then, well, I better get to work!

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