Monday, January 25, 2010

Spending time on the couch

I'm really not a big TV fan, but lately our DVR has been whirring constantly. It's the heart of winter here in Wisconsin, and even though we're experiencing a January thaw, single-digit temperatures will be back in full force before we know it. The girls and I have our favorites: Modern Family is a hoot, Greys Anatomy and Private Practice are heating up, Brothers & Sisters is like watching a train wreck but addictive all the same, we had the Golden Globes last week, we were going to pass on Idol this season, but "pants on the ground" reeled us back in, and OMG, Project Runway and the delightfully gossipy Models of the Runway are back already! Even football has been quite dramatic, and we're just a few weeks away from the Winter Olympics.

So in my "everything must be rationalized to be ok" state of mind, I've made a long list of lapwork to do in front of the TV. So here's my list, and we'll see how much of it I get done before the end of the Winter Olympics:

* Jewelry deconstruction/reconstruction: I have many pieces that I'm just not wearing and I can use the beads for something else. I have some pieces that I've been wearing but need adjustments, like length. And I have some pieces that really need matching earrings. So, as I watch TV, I can sort through my existing jewelry and make these easy modifications that I never seem to get around to otherwise.

* Christmas ornaments. Don't laugh. I had a blast making needle felted beads in December, and bought all the findings necessary to turn them into ornaments. Problem was, December always gets a little busy (wonder why) and I never finished. These will be easy to do now, and I just need to pack them away in the right spot so I find them next year!

* Christmas-card gift boxes. I saw this on another blog, and it will be so easy to do. I still have my Christmas cards out. I'll pick the prettiest and fold them into little boxes for next year.

* Knit some fingerless gloves. It's been a while since I've knit. I like small knitting projects -- instant gratification and all. I found a great skein of yarn as I was rooting through my stash. It was something I just had to buy but then never used.

* Learn bead stitching. I was the lucky recipient of three beautiful gifts this Christmas: project kits from my bead stitching authors at work. As I've said before, kits are an excellent way to learn a new technique. Everything is at your fingertips, you have no decisions to make, and the directions are straightforward. I've already started on a tubular peyote ring.

Do you think this will carry me through until Spring? I surely hope so. Check back, and I'll post my progress. What are you working on?

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