Saturday, December 13, 2008

Google Tools

Do you wake up wondering, "does Karin have a new post today?" (just kidding). Do you get mired in the web-ness of the world wide web and link from one blog to the next, blissfully losing track of time and then panicking because it's suddenly time to go pick up the kids? Do you avoid checking blogs for that very reason? Well, that's what used to happen to me, until I found Google Reader. This nifty tool lets me follow as many blogs as I want. It gathers a list of new posts, and I get a summary when I log in. I can skim the topics, read the entries, see the photos -- all from the Google Reader window. If something really intrigues me, I can click through and get to the blog itself in an instant. So, sign up for Google Reader and list Artful Crafts as your first blog to track.

If you'd like an even more passive approach to blog following, become a subscriber. All you need to do is click on the nifty widget on the right side of this blog that says "Follow this Blog." You'll get e-mail alerts notifying you of every fascinating posting I make!

As a blog writer, I love Google Analytics. It lets me know all kinds of interesting things about all of you. So even though you don't comment very often, I know you're out there and reading my blog!

Have you noticed my Like it, love it, try harder buttons? For those of you who don't care to comment, you can still let me know what you think by rating my posts. Don't worry, I'll never know who voted, but the results will help me shape my content.


  1. hi karen,
    its megan MAC i have a blog too. i have one for school for a book called tuesdays with morrie and then i have a personal one. i think your blog is really cool. i have no idea how to do all that cool stuff with mine. i make jewerly too. i think its a really good skill to have becuse then if a piece of my jewery breaks i can fix it with out having to take it to a jeweler. i also thnk making jewery is fun. there is a place near us called purple moon and you can make jewery there. so me and my dad go there for my moms birthday and we make her something every year.

    -Megan MAC
    P.S. i really like your blog =)

  2. Thanks for commenting, Megan. Your blog is cool, too. I really like your background. I didn't read the Twilight books, but my daughters did and they loved them. You should make some Twilight inspired jewelry!

  3. What does it mean that those like it/love it buttons remind me of Coldstone Creamery? :-)

  4. Tracy, I can barely handle the "like it" size at Coldstone, but you feel like you're insulting them if you don't order "love it." My strategy is to let Haley order whatever she likes, and then just ask for a few bites. Maybe they need a "love it but I really shouldn't" size?