Friday, December 5, 2008

Too cold, too soon!

I'm a big fan of cold, crisp winter days, but IMHO, 20 degrees is about as low as I like to go. Ok, maybe 15. I usually walk outside in all but the most driving snowstorms. But, when it's this cold, this early in the season, it wears me out. We usually don't get single digits until Feb., and with the exception of last winter, we usually have cold without the snow, so walking conditions are brisk but fine. My poor doggie is going to have to wait until high noon today, when it only promises to be about 10. How's your weather?


  1. Wow, it was 15 above today and that felt cold!
    Hope all is well!

  2. You probably don't really want to know - it's Dec 12 around 11:30 AM and 55 degrees, windy and cloudy.

    That's terrible weather for us! It's been unusually cold and earlier than usual this year.