Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wa-hoo 2!

Mostly Metals is ranked #70 on Amazon's Top 100 metal working books (even though it's a bead stringing book, not a metal working book). We really struggled with the title, because all the jewelry is silver, gold, or copper, but the projects are very easy beginner beading projects. I'm so happy for the book reviews that point that out.

Don't forget, if you order my books online, I'll send you a signed book plate as a thank-you.
Just send me an email at karinbuckingham@yahoo.com, or post a message here.

OK, I'm done bragging today. I need to get back to work. Thanks to all for so much support.


  1. Did you create the book mostly metals?

  2. Congratulations Karin!! Whoot! I am pleased and proud and happy for you.

    BTW where did you get those cool like/love buttons?

  3. Monette, I found the buttons on blogger dashboard -- their answer to the fact that bloggers like feedback and readers prefer to lurk w/out commenting. I was able to name the buttons myself -- however, I don't remember how I found them.