Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's all in how you read it...

I’ve been exploring blogs, and in the wonderful way of the web one thing leads to another. Rings & Things has a new (to me) blog, and I enjoyed Dave's post about team blogging. He introduced me to Collective Creatives and I’ll be a frequent visitor there (an aside – found out that one of the contributors is blogging from about 15 miles away from me – small, small world). Anyway, one of my longtime favorite reads is Art Bead Scene, another awesome creative collaboration. Somewhere along the way I tripped across artsandcraftslaw and I thought “what a great name. Arts & Craft Slaw. Like a jumbled and colorful salad of crafters – so much more clever than my own Artful Crafts. I jumped over immediately and scrolled through recent posts. Lots of info about the very important Orphan Works Legistlation, but not much about arts or crafts. Duh. The real bolg title is arts-and-crafts-law. Does this ever happen to you? What are some of your funnier mis-reads?

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  1. Hi Karin, and thanks for the compliments on the team-blogging post. Great idea for all involved, isn't it? (I need to sign up a team of bloggers here at Rings & Things!!) :)

    About misreading website so often comes down to the letter "S". If your website is called Jewels Express .com, need I say more!

    @Rings_Things on Twitter