Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just say no to plastic

Happy earth day!
Do you use re-usable grocery bags? Do you always remember to bring them into the store with you? My 2009 earth day goal is to not only have them in the car with me at all times, but to actually bring them into the store each time I shop. I’m getting better, but I’m not there yet.

Here’s a project to jazz up your bags, so you’ll never forget them.

Printed fabric (choose from pre-cut fat quarters)
Fusible webbing material such as Steam-A-Seam
Fabric glue (optional)
Grocery tote
Iron and ironing board

Fuse the webbing to the back of the printed fabric.
Cut out pattern around the pattern, leaving a straight edge on the bottom and side.
If your bag is canvas or cloth: iron the cut fabric to the bag, matching the straight edges to the bottom and sides, or really however you’d like.
If your bag is made from recycled plastic, as mine is, the iron will melt the bag (trust me, even on low). Either use a pressing cloth and very carefully press the fabric to the bag, or use fabric glue.

Here’s a close up of my tote:

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  1. Nice bag...I think it also looks much smarter than the plastic bags.It can used again and again and is a much better option to plastic.