Monday, August 11, 2008

Working on my workspace

Margot Potter's post about her studio cracked me right up. It reminded me of my studio description in Mostly Metals:

I have a fabulous studio that streams with sunlight. My well-organized shelves keep all my beads at my fingertips and I’m free to design all day long. Well, in my fantasies, I do. The truth is that I make all my jewelry at my dining room table (although I do get some nice sunlight). Realities, like dogs and cats (sometimes not behaving), telephones, car pools, forgot-my-lunch emergencies, the need for dinner to be made, and the rest of life means even on a day dedicated to beading, I’m up and down a lot. And, because we eat a family dinner at the dining room table (aka my studio) every night, I need to be able to clean up quickly. I’d love the luxury of my own space and for now I can dream about it.

I'm determined to have a functioning studio some day, and I visualize it every day. By the time I raise the funds, it will practically build itself!

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