Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Weekend Face-lift

Ours is a 100+ year old farmhouse, but the previous owners had painted the porch ceiling bright pink. The paint was peeling, the boards were buckling, etc. etc. DH has worked very hard this spring renovating the ceiling (beautiful bead board), painting the posts and the floor, and repairing the doors. I love the new gray floor, the gray and black screen door with black hardware, and the antique lights we found. Now it was time for me to spruce the rest up.

Of course, I had the HGTV narration going in my head the whole time, I just couldn't figure out what show I was "on"-- Design on a Dime? Decorating Cents? Curb Appeal? Anyway, I bought two cans of red spray paint, went to town on my weather-worn wicker chairs, quickly realized I didn't have enough spray paint, sent DH out for more, and here's the result:
I am so happy. Then, I hit the garden store and everything was 75% reduced. I scored some great plants and didn't feel bad for being so late in the game. Here's the view from the chairs, toward the front of the house:

My crafty friends are finally where they belong. Now, hopefully we'll get a few mosquito-free evenings to enjoy all this before the snow begins to fly!

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  1. This is the most beautiful porch ever! It truly does look like it belongs on HGTV.