Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fun gift wrap idea

Here's an idea for all you knitters, who have leftover skeins, or for anyone who's looking for an alternative to gift wrap. This worked for me, because I actually planned on giving my mom scraps of yarn as a gift (she's working on a special indigo fiber arts project). So when I saw this idea on I knew I had to try it. Just wind yarn around your tiny present until you have a nice ball, attach a gift tag to the end, and voila! a new twist on reusable gift wrap!

What was inside? A pair of Humblebeads earrings in my mom's favorite shade of pumpkin orange. Two gifts in one!


  1. Clever! In a million years I can't see myself doing it ... but clever!

  2. Well, it helped that I really wanted to give her yarn for Christmas. Otherwise, it could be seen as wasteful.