Thursday, February 25, 2010


Back in December, I had this great idea to make ornaments and use them as present toppers. I had so much fun with my felted Snowpeople, that I wanted to keep going. Well ... the one thing I did not have in December was a lot of time to sit around and do lapwork! My felted balls were put aside for another time.

Now that the Olympics are on, it's the perfect job. It doesn't require a lot of light or concentration, and it keeps me busy during all those heats!

Start with some wool roving and a felted bead. You can make your own felted beads (there are directions in Altered You!) but I've been buying mine from Art Girlz. Use a needle felting needle to work the roving into the surface of the bead. There is no right or wrong way to do this, and you can make up your pattern as you go -- my kind of craft!

I used the felted beads to make these ornaments. I strung them on craft wire, made swirls and loops, and layered them with sequins and some gaudy Czech glass beads leftover from an assortment I bought:

Here's a close up of the bead:

So if you know me, don't be surprised if you see one of these next December (if I remember I made them, that is!).


  1. What a fun ornament project! Our readers at would love to know more about your future ornament ideas, so feel free to submit an article.

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  3. Oh how awesome! I buy mine there, too (and Ornamentea) but haven't tried my hand at my own yet.

  4. Lori, You have to try it. It's both addicting and theraputic.

    Maggie, Thanks for visiting. I'd love to submit a project.