Friday, June 27, 2008

At least I have a plan

I've finally figured out what to do with my skirt. I love this skirt. It's a nice, long, straight denim skirt. It was made long enough ago that it's real denim, no lycra added. I guess that's why it ripped out right at the critical seam. You see, although I picture myself gliding gracefully through the day, I usually end up compromised in some way. As I recall, this was a bead-shopping tragedy. I had to find the perfect bead, it was in a lower case, way in the back, I found my self crouched near the floor, peering into the case ... and ripped out my skirt because I'm not graceful at all. Oh, well. It sat in the back of my closet for nearly 4 years, waiting for a new life.

Why has it taken so long? First, I was a little hung up on the construction. Do I distress things more, or work just in the front where the problem is? Second, I was fretting over the perfect fabric to add. It needed to be subtle, but pretty. Should I add it all around, or just where the repair is needed? And then, I had to think about how I would wear the skirt. Denim is great as a neutral. If I added too much pattern and flash, I would change what I love about this skirt. Third, altering to fix a problem area needs to solve the problem: My alteration needs to relieve the stress on that seam so it doesn't happen again. Finally, I had to make sure the skirt still fit after four years (it does, yea!) So, I've been mulling it over and I finally have a plan (I think). I can't get to work until this afternoon, because I have a bazillion chores and errands to get done first. But I'm motivated, so I'll post a little later on my work in progress.

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