Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thanks to my loyal readers

I just wanted to thank Monette and Tracy for loyally reading my blog and keeping me from feeling like I'm talking to myself. Monette is the queen of shiny things. She's a lovely lady from Florida. She paints! She draws! She knits! She crochets! She knits and crochets combined! She amazes me with her creativity. I think it's interesting that she's one day older than me -- I think that's why we connected so easily when I became her editor. Must be a Libra thing.

I've known Tracy for almost 18 years now (wow). She was the first friend I met when I moved to Rochester in 1990 and we've been friends ever since. I've watched her go from an unsure cook to almost winning the Pillsbury Bakeoff, twice! You'll have to ask her about the special dessert she brought to our home the first time we shared a meal together. I was fascinated by this perfectly layered (1/8"layers) striped light and dark brown cake. My desserts are always something "rustic" which means messy but tasty. I couldn't imagine how she made this perfect cake.

So thanks, ladies. I'm happy to have readers!


  1. Karin, have no fear, the readers will come. I've been at the blogging thing for 2 years and it took this long to feel like I have people who actually read it -- and not only because they know me! In fact, at my cooking group I go a little nutso because when I bring up something in conversation, they'll say, "I know. I read about it in your blog." It makes for hard conversations!

    As for that dessert, I'm not telling. Yet. It'll work its way onto the blog someday, just like the rest of my life.

  2. Karin, don't worry about talking to yourself, I do it all the time!

    Your blog is wonderful - just keep it up and the readers will come.

    Blogging only looks easy.

  3. Thanks, ladies. Actually I changed my tracking software to Google Analytics and it is much better. I have more readers than I thought, but you two are by far the most loyal!