Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Completely off topic

OK, I was surfing around some beading sites (the only part of this post that is on topic) and I was just fascinated to find out that Blythe has made a comeback. Here she is at Tammy Powley’s site , and come to find out she was on loan from Jean Yates . Anyway, it just brought back tons of memories about my favorite doll. I had to have one for Christmas back in 1972 and I specifically wanted the blond. I spent hours considering the hair color and how well it went with the eye-color options. I talked and talked about it. Then, as clear as a bell, a few days before Christmas, I knew I really had to have the brunette. Nothing else would do. I couldn’t imagine having the blond. My poor mother delivered. I got the brunette just as I’d asked and then package #2 held the lemon-yellow blond wig, just in case. Here’s my girl, in her original outfit:

Don’t you just love, love, love the shoes?

And here she is in her other outfit – from the fit, I’m guessing it was on loan from Barbie. Look at those wide legs!

But I always thought the pink eyes were a little creepy, despite my careful selection.

And finally, here she is in her lemon-yellow splendor:

A little more surfing around the web, and I’ve learned that these dolls are highly collectible How about you? What was your childhood must-have? Would you part ways for the money now?


  1. Hi!!!...YOU HAVE A KENNER BLYTHE? wow! I am learning that you have the collectible of the 2000's! how fun for you! come to and check out all the groups concerning blythes! I would expect one for you to start with would be Kenner Blythes.

    Thre is also a group called Blythes for adoption--whenever anyone puts up a real Kenner blythe like yours for "adoption" (which means for sale), they start the asking price at well over 1200!!!

    you cannot buy a memory of a cool mother like yours however! :)

    jean yates

  2. Thanks, Jean. I'll check out those sites. This has been a fun stroll down memory lane for me. And the new ones are so cute! They've done wonders with the hair!