Sunday, July 20, 2008

My friend calls

What my friend says: Can you guys come over and help us install a basketball hoop, move a bunch of furniture and stay for dinner?

What I hear: I don’t have to make dinner tonight! My husband has to install a basketball hoop and move a bunch of furniture! I don’t have to make dinner tonight! I can sew today! I get to have a glass of wine with my friends! Boy, will my husband be sore from installing a basketball hoop and moving a bunch of furniture!

So I got out that skirt that needed altering. It's a long denim skirt with a front slit, but the skirt had ripped at the top of the slit. An initial repair attempt was not successful, so the skirt's been in my closet unwearable for about 4 years. Here's how the alteration went:

First I cut along the existing seams to open the skirt a little more, and to compensate for the ripped area.

Then I sewed a gathering stitch along the top of a vintage hand towel.

Here's the detail from the towel.

Then, I simply pieced the towel to the skirt, matching the bottom hem and side seams, filling the opening with the gathered towel. For a last bit of detail, I sewed the trim that I cut off in step one along the front.

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