Thursday, July 24, 2008

Silver or Gold?

It used to be that I wore mostly gold jewelry, but broke out the silver stuff in summer. Maybe it was the arts & crafts fair aesthetic, but something about silver said summer to me. Gold was for the serious work-week and the long winter; silver was casual and fun.

In recent years, though, silver jewelry has been my mainstay. But now that it’s summer, (and I’m sporting an un-PC tan from dog-walking days and softball-game-watching evenings), I’m loving the look of gold against tan. I’ve hit the bottom of my jewelry box, and pulled out some old friends. In fact, I’ll be working on some gold jewelry this weekend to freshen up my summer look.

This post reminds me of the girl scout camp song: Make new friends, but keep the old ... one is silver and the other gold.

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