Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A reason to stop weeding

Our weather has been quite erratic this year, leaving me with a tremendous amount of weeds and mosquitoes, frogs living in the vegetable garden, and none of the "real stuff" doing very well. I'm trying to do about an hour a day, but I feel like for every weed I pull, three grow in its place. Whine, whine.

As I was weeding, though, I found some treasure.

Can you guess what these are? They are the seed pods from my ornamental poppy plant, which bloomed about six weeks ago. I really should have cut it back, but I didn't and this is what was left behind. (And yes, about a million tiny poppy seeds came out all over my kitchen counter, just like the kind on your bagel.) I had to stop gardening right away and see what I could do with them. First I tried stamping, but they were too concave. Then I broke out the polymer clay. First I tried earth tones. Some will be pendants, but I am kind of just enjoying them in a little bowl on my table for now. Then, since I had the bright colors out as well, I made a fun version.
You can't really see it, but there's some micro glitter embedded in there. I think it's so interesting how different the two styles look. Well, that's my craft, and I must say, I was much happier once I gave up weeding for the day!

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