Thursday, September 25, 2008


I love numbers. I'm always looking at licence plates and transposing numbers to find my birthday, or my friends' and family's birthdays. I have a lucky number (3). And, I am always finding my birthday numbers in the oddest places. For example, when I happen to glance at the clock, more often than not it reads 9:25. Now, the realist in my life tells me that I must look at the clock at least 12 times a day, but I only remember the two times it reads 9:25. My daughter, who is now in Algebra 3 should be able to calculate the exact probability of me noticing the time at precisely 9:25 (I hope she can; that's what today's test is on). But for the romantic in me, I'm sticking with the coincidence of bumping into "my numbers" in the oddest places. For example, for years I loved the fact that most of my favorite jewelry came with my custom numbers on the back: 925. But now that I'm older and wiser (and know a lot more about how jewelry is made) I know that those numbers designate Sterling Silver. To earn the name sterling, the silver content of the metal must be 92.5% pure. Why isn't it 100%? It would be much too soft. So, other metals like copper are combined with the silver to increase hardness. If you're ever curious about the quality of your silver pieces, just check the back. And, happy birthday to me!


  1. Happy Birthday Karin!

    I find my lucky number - 23 - in lots of places too. Must be something about those September birthdays :)

    Have a great weekend and much success with the book signing and demo.

  2. And when I got to Florida and got in the rental car guess what station the radio was tuned to??? 92.5 FM.