Monday, October 27, 2008

More Jewelry

I had a dream the other night. It was one of those crazy dreams where I was trying to go somewhere or get something done, but it just wasn't working out. Anyway, the dream was a little disturbing, but the good part was that in the dream, I was wearing fabulous jewelry! when I woke up, I just had to make the necklace I was wearing in my dream:

Here are a few more views, because I just love it.

It's a long black and silver single strand necklace, that can also be doubled or worn as a six-times-around bracelet. I used 6mm lava rock beads from Rings & Things, a black stone bead simply called "black stone" also from Rings & Things, and lots of Hill Tribe Silver.
Now, where can I find that cute black cocktail dress I was wearing with it? Hmm.


  1. You can remember what you were wearing in a dream? How interesting! Either way, it's a great necklace - Hill Tribe Silver is lovely stuff.

  2. It's the only time I've remembered detail like that.

  3. Hi, Karin, sounds like some of the beads from our bead shows! I love that you dreamed about them in a design...does that mean our evil marketing efforts are taking you over?? ;0 Very pretty design!

    at Rings & Things