Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 10

I know it's the 9th today, but this post has to do with tomorrow and I know I'll be too busy to post. I wanted to share this necklace I made for my mom's birthday (10-10). She and my dad are traveling to our house as I type, due to arrive tomorrow. (Hopefully they won't be checking the Internet at their hotel!) There are little special details built into this necklace, that wouldn't be obvious at first glance. I like making jewelry this way -- hiding some meaning so it's not just another pretty thing. For example, the focal stone is a Peruvian Opal (October's birthstone is Opal). Also, I strung everything in multiples of 10 (except the large pearls) in honor of her special day. I think the colors will look great with her coloring and her wardrobe. We'll see tomorrow, when I give it to her!

I bought the opal and the pearls at the Rings & Things show last month. Here's a close up view:


  1. What a gorgeous necklace adn I love your idea of hidden meaning in a piece. Enjoy your visit and best wishes to you mom!

  2. Thanks! By the way, I'm happy you have an etsy site! I'll definately be visiting

  3. Hi, Karin, I love what you've done with that Peruvian opal! Whenever I walk by a tray full of those at one of our shows, I stop for a second to gaze. They're arresting. ;-)


    at Rings & Things

  4. Hi, Dave. I'm lucky to have the rest of the strand to work with! Well worth the investment.