Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thanks to the Nursery School Teachers

Remember that bestseller from a few years ago ... Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten? I'd like to propose a sequel: Everything I Know About Art (my kids) Learned in Nursery School. My favorite part of decorating for a new season is pulling out the box and finding the great projects from the nursery school years. They mix in perfectly with my eclectic modified-country-folk-art-aesthetic. Here's the Halloween clan, thanks to Mrs. D., Mrs. Broda, Mrs. Archer and Miss Leah from Gateway Nursery School and Perinton Nursery School in Fairport, N.Y.:

If you have little ones at home and you'd like to make these ghosts, here's how:

1. Use a product called "stiffy" a liquid fabric stiffener found in craft stores, or dilute some Elmer's glue with water.

2. Use cheesecloth, re-cycled sheets, or paper towels. Soak the fabric in the stiffener and wring dry.

3. Drape the fabric over a TP tube (or trimmed paper towel tube) and let dry.

4. Add detail with a black Sharpie marker. (One of my daughters was going through a bride obsession at age 4, so the ghost in the back left is wearing a veil.)

These ghosts (and the pumpkin) have lasted for at least 12 Halloweens.

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