Friday, October 31, 2008

When was your Halloween?

As far as I can tell, today is Halloween, but you'd never know it in Southeastern Wisconsin. Our town celebrated last Saturday night, so my kids are feeling been-there-done-that about it. We are going on a Haunted Hike tonight with Haley's youth group. Hmmm ... 15 middle schoolers, pitch black, woods, bloody lumberjacks popping out ... what we do for our kids...

In honor of her recently broken arm, Haley went all out for her last year of trick-or-treating as an injured person. Here's her photo from last week:


  1. That's creative! I hope it worked and she got lots of sympathy candy :)

  2. You know our Halloween was on Halloween. And it was a glorious warm day! Even trick-or-treating after dark. I guess we're not like most areas of the country but I'm glad my kids get to experience Halloween the way I did.